Welcome to The STS Guys Podcast! We are a podcast that discusses everything within the realm of all that is geeky and nerdy! Want to hear about the latest movies? Or perhaps you want to hear comic book industry news? Want to know the best current and up and coming comic book conventions? Then you have found the right spot!

We go beyond the blog and offer a full multimedia experience to allow all of our followers and subscribers get their nerd news in the format that is best for them. Want to listen to a podcast? We got you covered. Want to watch a video about the latest comic books or what is in the latest subscription box? We got that too. Or perhaps you just want to read what is new and nerdy and you are already here.

No matter what medium you prefer, we have something to offer everyone. We cover any topic that comes up, including movies, comics, TV shows, collectibles, and any other random topic that may come up when we get together. We may not be experts, but we sure can generate a few laughs as we debate everything in pop culture.

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