Tucson Comic-Con 2017

Just a few short weeks ago, Jeremy and I took a journey down to Tucson to attend the Tucson Comic-Con.  This was an important one for the Tucson folks as it marked their 10 year anniversary.

While this is a smaller Con than many that we have been to, this venue was fairly well packed.   Like the bigger cons, it boasted all the features that you would expect.  Celebrity guests, comic book artists, local artists, and even some cosplay and charity groups were all in attendance.

One thing to take note of was the attendance for the event.  While it was not a packed house, there were plenty of people in attendance.  It was the perfect setup for the Con-goers, where you could walk around and were not crowded to get into any booth, but there were enough people that the artists and local vendors were able to *hopefully* churn a profit.  I am not a fan of being in a such a crowded convention space that you can barely move or can’t check out what people have to offer in artist alley or their booths.  For me, this was a great space that fit the needs and their was a good amount of people to fill that space.

For us, we were able to check out a lot of the different vendors and interact with them.  There was such a varied assortment of people that were there, each with a different story to tell.  Check out some of our coverage for the event below.

The guest list was impressive for being a smaller convention.  From the original Power Rangers were Karen Ashley and Walter Jones.  Barry Bostwick, Nell Campbell, and Patricia Quinn from the Rocky Horror Picture show were also there.  My favorite guest was Micheal Winslow of Police Academy (and Spaceballs) fame, while Jeremy was partial to Gates McFadden from Start Trek the Next Generation.  But the end all be all of guests was the one and only Billy Dee Williams (if I have to tell what he is from you should not be reading this blog….)!!  A well rounded list of guests turned up at the event.

There was one guest though that we have to give a shoutout to specifically.  That guest is Ming Chen from Comic Book Men and I Sell Comics Podcast.  Not only did Ming take the time out of his day to talk with us while we were down there, he gave us an interview to talk about his experiences with podcasting and how it prepared him for his time on TV.  Check out our interactions with Ming below.

To be honest, I was not sure about the Tucson Comic-Con, I lived there for years and did not see much of the “nerd” or comic-con scene when I was there.  But seeing that Con first hand and getting to experience it in person made me a fan for life and I will be definitely attending again next year, something I will recommend to anyone that cares to hear my opinion.

If you want to hear more, check out our podcast on YouTube, SoundCloud, or iTunes.  Also check out our other videos for the other conventions we have gone to by going to stsguys.online.

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