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At the end of March, a game that the STS Guys have been waiting for was released to much excitement and fanfare!!  That game is the latest game in the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry 5.

Taking place in the made up Hope County, Montana, the game places you in the shoes of a local rookie deputy (nicknamed/referred to as ‘Rook” for the entirety of the game) tasked with arresting the leader of a local cult called Eden’s Gate who has taken over the area and has started killing or forcibly converting the local population.   Things go south quickly and you are tasked with joining local groups to try to rescue the people of Hope County and stop the cult from completing their plans.


The first thing to say about this game is that it is fun as all hell and we have been playing the game non-stop for the last few weeks.  The graphics are absolutely amazing and the game captures the environment of North Western Montana almost perfectly.  The progression system feels thought out and allows the player to pick skills from different skill trees to build the character to their play style.  There is a decent variety of weapons and attachments that let you approach the game in different ways, allowing you to go in guns blazing with a your companion Cheeseburger the Bear or to approach each situation with steath and silenced weapons and bows.  There is a good amount of AI companions that you can employ to help you on your mission and each one has a unique personality and character class/characteristics.  Put two of the companions together and you get some of the best dialog in the entire game (looking at you Hurk…).  There are plenty of collectibles to search out and mini-games to help give a change of pace from the main story line and let you lose yourself in the beauty that is the environment.  Lastly, like the last few Far Cry games, the game contains a ton of humor and great situations that have made all of us laugh out loud and keep searching for those notes and Easter eggs to make us laugh some more.


That being said, there are a few things that bugged us about the game.   As with many games these days, the games are not without its share of bugs and glitches.  While normally comical in nature (i.e. Friendly plane dive bombing a moose that I was hunting out of nowhere), there are several instances where the game locks due to a glitch.  We have all experienced issues where we fell through floors or got trapped behind walls that prevented movement in any way.  There are some missions that error out and forces us to abandon the quest to bring it back up later to complete it.  While it is nice having an AI companion, the AI for both the allies and enemies in the game is fairly dumb, where sometimes it may be like having no one there at all to help you or having enemies just run at you en mass.  The AI can complicate situations and often while attempting to be stealth, your AI companion will run out into the open and trigger alarms.   We are going to save some discussion for the endings for a later post, but there is something to be desired with the different ending options that the game presents that can be seen as a negative as well.

Things to Note

One thing that we have seen within many of the other reviews that I feel a need to address.   Many people have stated that the premise of the story is absurd and that there is no way that a group would be able to take over a section of land and operate without catching the eye of someone.  Growing up in the area that this game takes place, I can tell you that the assumption that this could not happen is what is truly absurd.  Back in the mid 1990’s, a situation like this did actually occur.  Obviously it was nowhere near the size or scope of the games and there was no 1 man army destroying thousands of cult members, but a group of militant separatists took over a chunk of Montana to attempt to create their own country, calling themselves the Montana Freemen.   The group was able to operate for a number of years as a pain in the ass for local law enforcement.  It wasn’t until the FBI arrested the leader of the group which led to a standoff between the Feds and the militia men still at the compound.   That story plays out exactly like the beginnings of Far Cry 5.   While the true story ended without much incident, the true story plays out very similar to what we see at the start of the game.  Anyone who states that the premise is impossible only needs to look to history to see how possible something like this is.

Overall Rating

For all the things that the game brings and the fun that we have had all helped push the overall score up.   For us, we give the game a final score of 4/5.


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