An STS Guys Year in Review

A lot has happened in 2017 that we need to reflect on as the year comes to a close.  We have so much to celebrate and be happy about, we wanted to share with you what happened with us and in our world during the year.

The STS Guys

What can we say about 2017, it’s the year that we came together to form our little band of nerds! That’s not to say that 2017 was the year that we all met each other, we have all known each other for some time.  The conversations that we have usually mirror what you hear on our podcast, so we figured instead of just getting together and talking, why not start recording our hangouts for the world to hear.  Thus was born the STS Guys Podcast.  As we expanded, we found that there was other stuff that we did well other than just talking, which became the videos you see on our YouTube Channel.  We have focused on doing the things that we love and making videos that we think that people want to hear, and have had good success at doing so.

Our setup as it became when we finally upgraded

But we have expanded much more than we would have expected over the time that we started.  Our first podcast was 4 guys huddled around a single microphone plugged into a computer.  Our sound quality was quite literally in the gutter at the time and we really did not have a full grasp on what we wanted to be.  As we started to get into a groove, we began to invest in new equipment that will help improve the quality of our content.  We purchased real microphones and a mixer to actually make us sound good.   We started going to conventions as media instead of as fans, all to share our own experiences with others.   We are not done yet either, we have continually looked into ways to invest in our little hobby to make it even better for our listeners.   We have had one hell of a year!

Another look at our setup

Things to celebrate in Pop Culture

We also wanted to take a moment to reflect on the things that happened this year that we all were excited about.  Who would have guessed that this year we would have both the first Justice League on the big screen and a good Star Wars movie, let alone be within a month of each other.  I know Jeremy and I were super excited and happy with the turnout of Spider-Man: Homecoming.  We finally got a rated R version of Wolverine in Logan that we all have been clamoring for, and it was great.  Listen to our podcast episode to hear how excited we all were for the remake/big screen version of IT.  The Netflix Punisher blew us all away, to point that we audibly cheered when we found it was renewed for another season.  We had a stellar year in all fronts: Movies, Video Games, TV, and in all things nerdy.

The STS Guys at Phoenix Fan Fest

We cannot wait to see what will happen with our favorite franchises and in terms of media in general.  Personally this has been one the best years that I have had in a long time and sincerely hope that this trend continues throughout 2018.

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